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Dorking: Preventing Leaks From Hurting Your Firm

While readily available, malware is far from being the only tool that malicious actors use to steal data and illegally access computer networks. Malicious actors indeed threaten firms’ security using far more mundane and everyday techniques. Case in point: taking … Read More

How Loyalty Program Fraud Happens

Loyalty programs have grown tremendously in the last decade. Memberships rose from 2.6 billion to 3.8 billion from 2012 to 2016, and are projected to increase to 5.5 billion by the end of the year. The total value of all … Read More

What Does The “Free” in Free Food Really Mean?

Hijacked accounts are one of the most common items available for purchase on online illicit markets. On our blog, we’ve discussed in the past the issue of bank credentials being put up for sale. We now want to highlight how … Read More

The Risks Of Using Corporate Emails For Personal Services

Everyday, Flare Systems collects leaked usernames and passwords on the internet and the darkweb. Our customers use our extensive leaked credentials database to prevent credential stuffing attacks. Credential stuffing happens when malicious actors take a database of leaked usernames and … Read More

Do You Speak Fraudster?

To improve our tools and algorithms, part of our daily work at Flare Systems is to read advertisements for illicit goods and services. Our job is to understand who the threat actors are, who they are targeting, and how they … Read More

How Are Canadian Fraudsters Taking Advantage Of The COVID-19 Pandemic?

When disasters hit, fraudsters are usually quick to take advantage of the situation and especially of the most vulnerable. The COVID-19 pandemic appears to trigger many types of fraud converging into a pattern that has become all too familiar. Recently, … Read More

What Passwords Do Fraudsters Use?

Five years ago, Avast published a blog post that analyzed a database of 2,000 passwords used by hackers. It found that hackers use very easy to crack passwords just like most people. In fact, their most common password was hack! … Read More

Aftermath Of The Takedown Of A Major Carding Kingpin

We explained in a previous blog where stolen data goes. Last week, Brian Krebs reported that the Russians had shut down a huge card fraud ring. The FSB (Russian Federal Police) arrested 25 individuals connected with 90 online illicit markets. … Read More

Where does stolen data go?

The recent indictment of 4 Chinese nationals gives us an opportunity to talk about a topic that touches all the companies that have had the personal or account information they protect stolen: Where does stolen data go? The script kiddie … Read More

The Truth Behind Joker’s Stash / Wawa Announcement

Over the past two weeks, all the leading news agency have reported that the millions of credit cards stolen at Wawa’s stores in the United States in 2019 have been put on sale on the dark web. While accurate in … Read More