Botnets and Black Market Proxies in Canada

How easy it is to impersonate a Canadian identity online & how profitable can the business be?


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Malicious actors often rent out malware-infected computers (bots) to abuse the credentials they store. Flare Systems researchers investigated the criminal underground for bots to determine what types of threats they pose to organizations in Canada.

The research report offers a glimpse into misleading advertisements, the pricing of bots, and the stock and flow of Canadian bots for rent on the private Genesis Market. Based on our investigation and predictive modelling, we estimate that Genesis Market’s impact on the Canadian economy is close to $19 million. 

The access to information and tools we detail in this report reveal the importance of building defenses that are in line with the threat landscape, and designed for in-depth defense.

Otline Preview

  • Visual Mapping of the Botnet Business
  • Deep Dive into Genesis Market 
  • Bot Inventory, Pricing and Credentials for Sale
  • Genesis Market Dynamics and Sales Predictions
  • Genesis Market’s Impact on the Canadian Economy
  • The Underground Market of Proxy Providers
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