Automating Dark Web Monitoring with Flare & Azure Sentinel

The external threat hunters series

Today’s external threat landscape is unsure and dark.

In this ever-evolving environment, automating your dark web monitoring with reliable solutions guarantees effectiveness and better protection.

During this fireside chat, Flare Systems’ expert Jean-Christophe Taillandier and Microsoft’s Rudi Groenewald have started The External Threat Hunters Series by discussing how Flare and Microsoft Azure Sentinel help together companies automating dark web monitoring.

The following questions have been discussed during this Fireside Chat :

  • To start things off, what is the dark web? What are the most popular threats in 2021?
  • How can organizations leverage Flare and Sentinel for Dark Web threat hunting?
  • How can Flare and Sentinel help companies when they are already doing dark web monitoring?
  • How can Flare and Sentinel help companies with how communication is changing in the criminal underground?
  • How can Sentinel and Flare help with Ransomware?

The speakers

Jean Christophe Taillandier

Jean-Christophe Taillandier

Product & Customer Success Manager @Flare Systems Jean-Christophe has made the jump into technology 5 years ago, after studies and work took him to places like Haiti, China and Vietnam. After his masters in computer science with a focus on ethics and privacy in AI, he worked in an AI-based data pipelining startup as a technical account manager. He started at Flare Systems as a developer working on automated darkweb crawling, and more recently made the jump to customer success where he helps customers integrate new exciting product and technologies in their processes.

Rudi Groenewald Microsoft

Rudi Groenewald

Cloud Security Solution Architect @Microsoft

Rudi is a Cloud Security Solution Architect with Microsoft.  As part of Rudi’s role, he helps customers build secure applications and infrastructure in Azure which aligns with his Customers’ security requirements.  Rudi also helps companies navigate the Microsoft security landscape, making sure that companies have all the telemetry and threat intelligence required across all IT stacks for a full and complete picture of threat potentials.