Rethinking Digital Risk Protection and Mitigation



A global pandemic, a fast-growing remote workforce, and reliance on misconfigured cloud-based services are expanding the threat landscape your company is facing. Malicious actors are taking advantage of digital transformation to compromise corporate security by gaining unauthorized access to personal and financial data, source code, and intellectual property. An effective cybersecurity strategy relies on multiple layers of security to prevent and mitigate data breaches.

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) can help optimize risk coverage and prevent reputational and brand damage. It removes and remediates digital risks, protects personally identifiable information (PII), and enhances transparency over your digital footprint. Digital Risk Protection will monitor the dark web to detect data and technical leaks to help you protect your brand, prevent account takeover, and financial fraud.

Download the whitepaper to understand:

  • How the digital risk landscape has changed in 2020;
  • Digital risks, their root causes, and how to identify them in the wild;
  • Where Digital Risk Protection fits in your cybersecurity strategy;
  • Flare Systems’ unique methodology centered on Superior Threat Intelligence Collection, Contextualization, Scoring, and Remediation;
  • Why Firework is just what you need to protect your digital assets.

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