Autopsy of a ransomware attack

Webinar by Flare Systems and In Fidem


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The number and impact of ransomware attacks are constantly increasing. Between 2018 and 2019, the number of attacks has increased by nearly 60% and the cost of attacks could exceed US$20 billion by 2021. For reference, the impact of ransomware attacks was only US$5 billion just three years ago.

In addition to increasing in intensity, ransomware attacks also evolve in complexity. The latest attacks of the REvil ransomware have led not only to the encryption of victims’ data, but also to their exfiltration. Malicious actors auction the data of companies that refuse to pay the ransom.

This sophistication of ransomware attacks is made possible by networking malicious actors on discussion forums,chat rooms and illicit markets on the darkweb. These illicit communities allow the purchase and sale of all the malware and related services needed for ransomware attacks.

In this webinar, we will present:

  • The underside of illicit communities active in the development of ransomware attacks.
  • The tools they put up for sale and we will draw a picture of the chain of attack that leads to exfiltration and possible data auctioning.
  • A case study of an organization that has been the victim of a ransomware attack. This autopsy will allow us to identify the tools used to infiltrate the company’s systems, the modus operandi of such an attack, the crisis management elements to be had in place and the steps taken to minimize the impacts for the organization.

By the end of the webinar, participants will have developed an intimate knowledge of the ransomware attack chain. They will include potential vulnerabilities that malicious players exploit and strategies to prioritize in the event of a ransomware attack to minimize losses.

Webinar presented by cybersecurity experts

David Hétu Director of Research at Flare Systems

As Director of Research, David leads scientific research operations at Flare Systems. A PhD in criminology from the Université de Montréal, he focuses his research on illicit markets on the internet and the darknet. His findings, published in over 40 articles over the last 10 years, have provided insights into the structure and inner workings of the criminal underground.

Matthieu Chouinard President and CEO at In Fidem and Forensik

An economist by training and entrepreneur, Mr. Chouinard is a recognized player in cybersecurity in Quebec. President and founder of two companies in the field, In Fidem Inc. and Forensik Inc., he now leads a team of more than 80 experts working to combat cybercrime.

A visionary, leader and skilled communicator, he knows how to use his experience to develop a pragmatic approach to information protection strategies.

M. Chouinard, is now one of the founders and administrators of the Canadian security industry cluster In-Sec-M. In addition to being President of ASIMM, he was also a member of the founding committee of the SecurIT Network. In 2005 and 2006 he won the ASIMM Merit Award for his contribution to the development of information security in Quebec.