Microsoft Azure Sentinel integrates with Firework platform

Accelerate Firework’s capacity to detect vulnerabilities, and leverage new SOAR capabilities through automation.

Azure Sentinel is a SIEM and SOAR service that aggregates and ingests logs from multiple sources, and allows full orchestration and automation of response processes.

Firework monitors the dark, deep and clear web, automatizes the alert system and is using an Ai-driven scoring system to prioritize risks.

Together, Azure Sentinel and Firework provides a complete solution to help response teams set alerts, automation rules and playbooks that automate the parsing of incoming logs, creation of alerts or incidents, and even manage the whole lifecycle of the incident, without the need of manual action.


Start using Firework for Azure Sentinel

Top benefits from the integration:

  • Fast track trend analysis across various dark web platforms
  • An additional layer of prioritization
  • Automated incidents creation and flow to resolve them
  • Engineering time saving by directly integrating pre-existing systems and processes to Firework
  • Multiple use cases are supported
  • Everything in one place