Pricing that fits your needs

Packages for enterprises

Various packages are available depending on what you need, on the type of work you require and on the technical level of your team.

Our entry-level solutions contain different services that will give you insight and understanding on darknet activities.

Our bleeding edge darknet exploration software, Firework, will give you the most power and control over the data.  Available in the Intelligence plan, it contains all the most recent developments from Flare Systems’ technologies.

Our team of security experts is also available to provide deeper analysis on specific questions.

Intelligence - Essentials
  • Active darknet monitoring
    for your company
Intelligence - Expert
  • Keyword alerts on darknet activity
  • Intel feed
  • Full darknet activity feed and history search
  • Smart risk level analysis
  • Darknet actor directory
  • Detailed on-demand analysis
  • API access to data
Fraud and regulation
  • Financial assets for sale reports
  • Financial assets for sale data
  • Extracted personally identifiable information
  • Regulation API

Packages for research and law enforcement

Looking for data for your research? 

Looking for a one-time export for an investigation? 

We can provide you with our whole dataset or a subset of our data. It can be raw or structured, pre-filtered for your needs or exported directly. You will be able to tap directly into our throve of unprocessed data and extract meaningful intelligence from either our last day’s crawls or our historical database of crawls. 

Once an order is placed, our team can gather the unprocessed data in a matter of hours, compress it and make it available securely to our clients.

Some technical knowledge required.