Minimize Risks As You Shift To A Remote Workforce

Protect your company’s assets with real-time data leaks monitoring

Are your colleagues working remotely? With entire nations working from home, the risk of accidental data leak by an employee, through a cloud platform or any other technological tool, has never been so high.

In these unprecedented times,  we are leveraging our proven data breach monitoring technology to help organizations with remote teams ensure that they keep working safely. 

We are offering a free 90-day subscription to our data leak monitoring service. With data leak monitoring,  IT and cybersecurity professionals will now – without increasing its workload – be able to protect their company’s data, financial resources, and reputation. 

We’ll monitor your domain name in real-time and will alert you right away of any leaked data. 

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How it works:

  1. You enter your work email below.
  2. Our system, that continuously crawls the Internet and the dark web looking for sensitive data, will look in all the collected data for your domain name.
  3. Every week, you have a simple and actionable email report with any leaked data we’ll have found.

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