digital risk protection infographic

How Flare Systems Makes Digital Risk Protection Even Better

Is your organization struggling with emerging digital risks as you’re adapting to the new normal?

In this infographic you will learn about the root causes of digital risks and the business benefits of investing in digital risk protection.

The new normal

Some statistics:

  • 4.7 million Canadians are working from home in 2020
  • Shadow IT is responsible for 1/3 of successful enterprise attacks
  • 4,800 companies, many of them SMBs, suffer data breaches every month

The new normal:

  • Remote workforce
  • Reliance on cloud-based services
  • Employees use of unlicensed cloud-based services

New risks:

  • A lack of control and visibility into what employees are sharing
  • An increase in  your company’s susceptibility to attacks
  • Digital risks impact both SMBs and large enterprises

The root causes of digital risks

  1. Malicious actors
  2. Human errors

How malicious actors infiltrate enterprises

  1. Technical vulnerability               
  2. Phishing
  3. Supply chain attacks                           
  4. Legitimate accounts

How human errors invite malicious actors into your company

  1. Misuse of cloud collaborative platforms
  2. Misconfiguration of tools and services

How do you know if an attack was successful?

  1. Data leaks (executives’ & customers’  personal and financial information; technical secrets and assets)
  2. Unauthorized access
  3. Fake online presence

How can digital risk protection help your company?

  • Monitor your digital footprint on the dark web

In 2019, darknet illicit market activity outperformed previous years, as sales grew to more than USD$790 million 


  • Technical data leakage

More than 100,000 repositories leaked API and cryptographic keys on GitHub in 2019


  • Detect data leak

Over 163 million records were leaked in 540 security events in 2020 alone


  • Brand protection

Between 2018 and 2019 alone, phishing attack frequency grew by 250%


  • Account takeover prevention

Only 35% of users have unique passwords for each account


  • Financial fraud prevention

47% of companies suffered from fraud in the past 2 years, causing a total loss of USD$42 billion

Why should your company invest in digital risk protection?

  1.  Companies that store personal and financial information are targeted by malicious actors.
  2. Digital risks are so diverse that automated and intelligent tools are needed to quickly identify them all.
  3. Prevent downtime, productivity loss, and additional costs that come with a data breach.

How Flare Systems makes digital risk protection even better

For Large Companies

  • Significantly reduce the number of alerts 
  • Contextualize and prioritize to  first tackle the biggest digital risks 

For SMBs 

  • Secure their customers’ personal and financial information
  • Protect intellectual property from leaking online

Flare Systems approach to Digital Risk Protection

  1. Superior threat intelligence collection
  2. Digital risk contextualization
  3. Digital risk scoring
  4. Digital risk remediation
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