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Digital footprints are expanding by16%


The digital world is constantly changing, and so are exposed data, assets, and services. Threats are rising also. The Verizon DBIR recently reported that external attacks are growing while internal threats have dropped. With more malicious actors on the outside, you need to know your full digital footprint, and see what the threats see.

Flare helps you truly understand your digital footprint and know how to prioritize and remediate external threats across the clear, deep and dark web.

Flare is the leader for:

Let us do the challenging and treacherous work of searching the deep and dark web for hidden threats, so you don’t have to.

Gain a broad view of your digital assets and information, no matter where they reside. If they show up out there, we’ll find and alert you.

Quickly identify and prioritize remediation of leaked credentials or intellectual property caused by human and technical error or insider threats.

Cyber threats use open information to get to know you before they act. Do the same and monitor for emerging issues, before they become problems.

Flare is used by:

Chief Information
Security Officers

Empower your security teams and reduce their burden with wider, frictionless automation.

Security Analysts

Identify and track down misconfigurations and data leaks before they become breaches.

Red Teams

Perform external cyber reconnaissance and develop a plan of attack to accelerate your operations.


Gain portfolio visibility and identify potential M&A risks lurking in the shadows.

Flare brings digital footprint
assurance to many industries:

Financial Services

Protect your bottom line by owning your digital footprint and safeguarding your assets and brand reputation.


Safeguard your credentials and technical asset and quickly know if there’s a leak to an insecure site.

Software and Tech

Don’t take a chance on your access keys or code showing up on public spaces. Find, prioritize, and take them down.

Public Sector

Protect the public interest and protect privacy while leveraging public data.


Be on the lookout for exposure to sensitive, private data and systems while maintaining high levels of compliance.

Investment and M&A

Ensure a broad view of the digital footprints for your portfolio or other companies of interest.

Customer Success Story

Learn about how Flare How Flare Helped a Top North American Investment Firm Prevent a Portfolio Company Breach

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