Detect Data Leaks


Confidential and Sensitive Information Leaks Remain Hard to Detect by Companies

There are two major causes behind data leaks involving  your company’s processes and plans, as well as employee and customer personal and financial information. 

First, malicious actors are actively stealing this data to resell it for profit on illicit markets. Second, the data can be leaked following human errors by employees and partners. The remote workforce has increased the use of cloud-based collaborative tools that employees use to create accounts and store data without your knowledge. Data access rights are usually not managed by security teams which may lead to leaks.

Firework screenshot

The solution

Firework Identifies Your Leaked Sensitive Data that Is Most at Risk

Firework identifies your company’s digital assets made publicly available
due to malicious attacks or human error. An easy-to-use online platform, Firework continuously monitors the dark, deep and clear web for intellectual property, employee and client personal information, credentials, API keys, proprietary code and other sensitive business data.


Reduce The Time-to-Know

Data leaks generate costly investigations to retrace their source. These investigations can obstruct normal business operations, causing significant downtime and productivity loss. When leaks include customer data, your company can be fined, forced to pay legal fees and see corporate brand reputation drop. When passwords and API keys are leaked, leaked credentials can be used to launch new attacks against your company.

Why Choose Flare Systems

The Real-Time Monitoring Platform

Real-time monitoring

Firework analyzes every single line of code in code repositories and detects sensitive leaks in a matter of minutes.

structured data

Firework analyzes intelligence from all corners of the web to protect  your assets against malicious activities and human errors.   

reduced noise

Firework uses known leak patterns to eliminate the noise and find the most sensitive information quickly.

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