detect phishing attacks

Detect Phishing Attacks


Malicious Actors Replicate Your Website to Steal Customer Information

Malicious actors register domain names and SSL certificates to impersonate your company and replicate your website to fraudulently collect its visitors’ personal information and credentials. These are either sold on the dark web or used to log in undetected to your customers’ accounts.

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The solution

Identify New Domains and SSL Certificates Masquerading as Legitimate

Firework monitors for newly-registered domain names and SSL certificate registrations similar to yours. You’re then alerted in real-time about any potential threats to your brand reputation. This information can be used to send takedown notices to malicious websites and their hosting services.


Protect Your Brand and Reputation

Phishing attacks have become so sophisticated that it’s now very difficult even for security analysts to discern between phishing and legitimate sites. Companies with poor security infrastructure can be held responsible by customers for phishing attacks. Phishing attacks result in brand and reputation damage.

Why Choose Flare Systems

The Easy-To-Use Platform That Monitors Domains

Domain monitoring

Firework uses advanced algorithms to find domain names and SSL certificates similar to yours.

easy-to-use platform

Firework’s easy-to-use interface allows you to monitor an infinite list of domains with real-time updates.

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