Monitor the Criminal Underground


Illicit Markets facilitate the purchase of Hacking Tools and the Monetization of Stolen Data

Malicious actors come together on large-scale illicit markets, forums and chat rooms, to trade hacking tools and sell stolen data. Their actions generate billions of data points that provide us with actionable intelligence. Without the tools that  separate the signal from the noise, it is very difficult for your cyber security team to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape or mitigate cyber threats in a timely manner.

Firework screenshot

The solution

Dark, Deep & Clear Web Monitoring

Firework is an online platform that leverages the combined experience of our veteran industry team. It monitors the criminal underground and provides prioritized cyber threat intelligence in real-time. Firework’s innovative technology automatically collects and distills large amounts of data from every corner of the dark, deep and clear web. This enables your cyber security team to detect cyber threats, save mitigation time, and protect your data, financial resources and brand reputation. 


Reduce the Time-To-Know and Be Proactive

Malicious actors now operate much more stealthily, leaving few traces of their attacks in information systems. Criminal underground monitoring helps your cyber security team become more proactive by improving attack detection rates, and notifying you in real-time about ongoing cyberattacks.

Why Choose Flare Systems

Real-Time Alerts & Actionable Intelligence

Industry reporting

Firework prevents potential breaches by understanding attacks against your industry peers. 

Actionable intelligence

Firework provides actionable intelligence that saves time spent to detect and remediate attacks.

Real-Time Alerts

Firework alerts our customers in real-time as soon as a new threat is detected.

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