Protect Your Brand


Malicious Actors Target Popular Brands and Damage Reputations

As businesses increase their digital presence, they build an online brand with a following. Diverting these followers to phishing and malware-distributing sites is a popular tactic used by malicious actors. Any attack against your company can damage your reputation and brand if made public, especially if perceived as preventable.

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The solution

Identify Attacks Against Brands and Data Leaks

Firework identifies websites similar to yours, including those with typos in URLs, typically used for phishing and malware distribution. This information can be used to send takedown notices to websites and their hosting services. Firework’s Data Leaks capability ensures your company knows about leaks as soon as they happen. This helps you improve reaction time and prepare your public response.


Prevent Customer Trust
& Loyalty Loss

Your brand is your most valuable asset. Brand value enables your company to charge more for your products, as well as gain and maintain your market share.

Why Choose Flare Systems

Phishing & Data Leaks
Detection System

Domain registration monitoring

Firework uses advanced algorithms to find domain names and SSL certificates similar to your own.

Phishing detection alerts

Firework alerts you as soon as it detects a new phishing site.

Fast Data Leaks Detection

Firework detects data leaks in a matter of hours.

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