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Manual And Incomplete Reconnaissance Can Lead To Unidentified Risks

An increasing attack surface can put an organization at risk if potential entry points are not found promptly. Today, most organizations conduct reconnaissance on elements such as unpatched servers, misconfigurations, and data leaks once a year. Cybersecurity analysts use manual and time-consuming scraping techniques to find data and remediate risk. This process can result in an incomplete picture of an organization’s external attack surface and can subject them to unknown or undetected risks. In the end, there is also an opportunity cost. To combat this issue, cybersecurity teams can use automation and software for reconnaissance and can use their time for digital risk remediation. Organizations must find their potential entry points before any malicious actors.

The ProbleM

Manual Reconnaissance Is Reactive Instead Of Proactive

Most organizations don’t have the resources to conduct reconnaissance on a continuous basis; it’s time-consuming and requires highly competent domain experts. This leads the organization to be reactive to external-facing issues rather than having a proactive approach. 

Organizations today typically rely on manual periodic analysis to conduct reconnaissance activities. This reconnaissance can be executed by annual red team assessments, penetration tests, or informal searches by analysts following incidents within their industry or their peers. This way of conducting reconnaissance does not provide adequate continuous coverage across the entirety of the organization’s footprint and often leaves it open to malicious actors. One measure companies take to improve this is the development of internal tools. However, this approach requires tremendous developer time and effort, both to build and to maintain. In some cases, developers who have built internal tools for an organization leave the company, and that further makes it difficult to maintain and use the tool. An alternative to an in-house or manual approach is needed for organizations to protect themselves from malicious actors. Organizations must use a proactive approach that is fast-acting, continuous, prioritized, and thorough.

Flare's solution

Automate Reconnaissance To Save Time And Resources

Flare’s platform provides organizations with continuous, prioritized coverage over all sources that could expose data or security issues to malicious actors. Flare automates the monitoring processes, speeds up reconnaissance, and provides you with a proactive approach. By using the platform, organizations can dramatically lower costs by removing any maintenance for tools, saving analysts time, and preventing the costs of cyber incidents.

  • Penetration Testing & Red Teaming
  • Use Flare’s platform to accelerate red teaming and penetration testing during assessments. Save your analysts time and your resources by providing analysts with an automated tool that discovers, enriches, and prioritizes data for remediation. Let Flare do the heavy lifting so that your analyst can focus their expertise where it matters most – on remediating issues and reducing risk.

  • Security Assessments
  • Flare enables your analysts to conduct fast and comprehensive external risk assessments without the need for multiple tools, specific knowledge, or access to disparate sources of data. Flare allows your analysts to anonymously and rapidly scan the deep, dark, and clear web for potential threats. 

  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Investing and merger and acquisition due diligence activities are time-consuming can be difficult to conduct efficiently. Flare enables you to conduct M&A activity with greater confidence once you have an understanding of your target’s cybersecurity posture. Flare provides you with actionable intelligence to help identify issues, gain insight into remediation efforts and understand exposure in your investment.

    Solution benefits

    Efficient, Cost-effective, And Proactive Reconnaissance


    Use our platform’s continuous view to reduce the risk you face in your external attack surface. Take away any leverage malicious actors may have by protecting your data.


    Improve your organization’s operational and analyst efficiency by providing them with a tool that automates and prioritizes incidents for them. Remove the cost of maintaining and building internal solutions and let your analysts focus on remediation of all digital risk.

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    Reconnaissance is the first thing malicious actors do. Use Flare’s platform to continuously monitor your attack surface and gain a real-time understanding of your digital footprint. Use your internal institutional knowledge with Flare’s technology to always stay one step ahead of malicious actors.

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