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Detect Technical Data Leaks


Source Code Leaks, API Keys Leaks and Other Technical Leaks Remain Undetected

Development teams use a variety of tools, ranging from internal project management platforms and cloud-based solutions, to external open source technology. Because of the complexity of these tools, in-house and consulting developers could unintentionally expose source code and access keys online. A technical leak could go undetected for months before you’re finally aware of it.

Technical Leakage
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The solution

Firework Identifies Technical Data Leaks on External Public Platforms

Firework identifies technical data leaks on external public platforms and sends real-time alerts on potential digital risks. An easy-to-use platform, Firework continuously monitors code repositories, paste sites, and online forums to expand detection coverage.


The Risks of Leaking a Technical Secret Increase Exponentially

Technical leaks, such as source code leaks, expose your company’s most sensitive secrets: its passwords and access keys. If either is leaked, it could enable malicious actors to penetrate your corporate network and steal sensitive and confidential information. As development teams grow, either in-house or consultants, the risks of leaking a technical secret increase exponentially because of the difficulty in enforcing secure coding practices. Monitoring technical leakage is an essential part of good security hygiene.

Why Choose Flare Systems

The Best DRP Platform for Technical Leakage

Code repository monitoring

Firework runs custom regexes and queries that can’t be run directly in public code repositories such as Git-environments.

Large search coverage

Firework increases search coverage by monitoring both recent commits and repositories’ entire commit tree.

Noise reduced

Firework reduces the number of alerts and noise by regrouping alerts based on repositories, projects, and developers.

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