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Identify Misconfigured Servers

the risk

Your Cloud Data is Vulnerable

Companies store huge amounts of valuable data in the cloud, in many cases this data is stored in Amazon S3 buckets and equivalent. In fact, there is a full exabyte stored in cloud storage alone and the number is growing rapidly. Cloud storage can help companies cost-effectively store and retrieve large amounts of data, however it can also run the risk of leaving companies vulnerable to costly data leaks, compliance fines, and other consequences when improperly configured.


Malicious actors regularly scan for misconfigured buckets and cloud services that can be leveraged to facilitate a data breach. In addition to data, companies regularly fail to secure secrets, private encryption keys, and other highly sensitive data in cloud environments. According to one study, up to 93% of cloud environments are misconfigured. 

The ProbleM

Leaky S3 Buckets Put You At Risk


Cloud servers and bucket storage can be easy to misconfigure, difficult to detect, and can be extremely costly if they result in a data breach. Security teams aren’t always overly familiar with cloud environments and best practices for securing them, which can make it even more difficult to get a handle on the problem. 


In addition, information security programs are often overwhelmed with the sheer volume of alerts, notifications, and warnings they receive on a daily basis. Proactively identifying and remediating misconfigured cloud environments can come in low on the priority list for many organizations due to time constraints.

Flare's solution

Scans Cloud Environments to Prevent Leaks

Firework automatically scans your cloud environments and identifies buckets and other services that are open to the public and could potentially leak data. Our AI driven automatic prioritization engine provides analysts with real-time actionable alerts that speed up response time and make it easy to proactively fix cloud-storage and other issues.

Solution benefits

Identify Misconfigured Servers

Automated Detection

Automatically detect cloud services and identify the leakage of sensitive data on misconfigured services

Lower the Risk of a Data Breach

Actively scanning cloud environments for misconfigured permissions can dramatically reduce the risk of accidental data leaks and breaches

Firework cyber threat intelligence and digital risk protection platform
cti platform

Analyze Threat Intelligence

Firework analyzes intelligence from all corners of the web to protect  your assets against malicious activities and human errors.   

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