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Monitor Anonymous Sharing Websites

the risk

Monitor Sites For Leaked Data

Anonymous sharing sites such as Pastebin are one of the most common places for leaked data to be posted in the wake of a data breach, second only to the dark web. In many cases when malicious actors compromise a group of accounts through phishing or other cyberattacks, they will post the usernames, passwords, secret questions and other highly sensitive information on sharing sites. This can quickly lead to account takeovers and further data exfiltration from the company. 


Data sharing sites such as Pastebin have innocuous uses as well. Developers and employees often use them to share code snippets and other information quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, sometimes the information can be sensitive and individuals fail to realize that even if they share using a unique link, the data is still open to anyone looking for it.  Companies that fail to monitor anonymous sharing sites can miss easy opportunities to thwart data breaches. 

The ProbleM

Identify Leaked Information

Identifying the signal in the noise can be extremely difficult for security operations teams. Millions of lines of text and code are posted to anonymous sharing sites on a daily basis, in addition to data breaches and other information. Even with specialized software, notifications can be overwhelming and it can difficult to monitor numerous individual websites. 


Finding instances of source code, secrets, and other technical data can make it even more difficult. In many cases these pastes won’t contain the name of the company or other identifying information. Analysts are overwhelmed and most solutions offer more noise rather than more clarity

Flare's solution

Monitor Anonymous Sharing Websites for Sensitive Data

Firework makes it easy to monitor anonymous sharing sites to catch stolen credential posting, source code, and other technical data early. Our AI prioritization engine cuts out the noise, allowing analysts to proactively focus on remediating issues rather than always responding after the attack or leak. 


Firework provides real-time monitoring of numerous anonymous sharing sites such as Pastebin and allows you to add in unique identifiers to find instances where specific source code or other highly sensitive information is shared. In addition, Firework also monitors the dark web, GitHub repos, and other areas where information can be easily leaked or lost. 

Solution benefits

Proactively Prevent Code Leaks

Quickly Identify Data Breaches

Firework enables you to quickly identify data breaches that are posted on Pastebin and other anonymous sharing sites without the manual work to identify them.

Identify Technical Data Leaks

Flare seamlessly monitors anonymous sharing sites for sensitive source code and other technical data leakage.

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Reduce Analyst Overload

Our customizable alerts ensure that your analysts get alerted to actionable intelligence.

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