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Monitor your External Attack Surface

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External Threats can be as Dangerous as Internal Ones.

The past 10 years have seen increasing flows of money into cybersecurity programs. Companies are investing heavily in SIEM Solutions, EDR, IDS and IPS in order to get visibility and understand their internal cybersecurity posture. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 28% increase in demand for cybersecurity analysts by 2026 alone. Many companies have successfully built cybersecurity programs designed to react to threats and mitigate the damage of a cyberattack.

However, most companies today lack the capability to proactively prevent cyber attacks. Cybersecurity professionals will tell you that the first step in building a competent cybersecurity program is to get visibility; into your data, your risk profile, your current controls, and your overall environment. However, many leave out that getting external visibility into your attack surface matters just as much. 

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Getting Visibility in The Attack Surface is Challenging

Getting external visibility into your attack surface and on your publicly facing assets can be extremely challenging. To effectively monitor multiple channels, analysts are often forced to use a variety of tools. An organization might use one application to monitor the dark web, another to monitor for mentions of their brand, and two or three more to cover GitHub, cloud services, and Pastebin.

This results in an ad-hoc and disorganized approach that can consume extensive amounts of time and resources, with limited results to show for it. Many companies find themselves missing critical data leaks that malicious actors subsequently use to compromise the organization. For companies that have a large digital footprint it can be almost impossible to accurately prioritize alerts and effectively remediate issues. Analysts are almost always reacting to incidents rather than solving problems before they occur.

Flare's solution

Proactively Monitor your External Attack Surface

Flare’s platform produces a real-time view of your digital footprint. It enables analysts to work faster and more effectively by eliminating noise and allowing security professionals to focus on high-risk publicly facing assets. This enables them to take a proactive apprach to preventing incidents and remediating data leaks. 

Flare unifies external monitoring capabilities and enables you to, at one place.

Many organizations focus their efforts around protecting sensitive data and meeting compliance requirements. However, a source code leak can just as easily compromise an organization. Flare seamlessly enables you to easily monitor online code repositories for accidentally leaked information.

Software development teams are increasingly a mix of full-time employees and contractors. While this can boost productivity, it can also lead to mistakes and secrets being committed to production environments. Attackers often perform routine checks on Github to identify secrets that could be used in cyberattacks. Flare automatically monitors for secrets and alerts your security team to an accidental commit. 

Cloud permissions can be easily misconfigured. One improperly configured S3 bucket can leak sensitive employee data, technical data, or customer information to the wider web. Flare enables real-time notification of S3 storage and other cloud data that could put your company at risk. 

Password dumps, sensitive technical data, and even PII is regularly posted on Pastebin and other anonymous sharing sites (bin sites). Flare enables you to effortlessly monitor for mentions of your company or email domain. 

Solution benefits

Proactively Prevent Cyberattacks

Real time insight

Monitor your external attack surface and get real time visibility into threats and data leaks


Enable your analysts to proactively hunt threats, stop data leaks, and reduce risk.

Firework cyber threat intelligence and digital risk protection platform
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Actionable alerts

Firework’s AI driven prioritization engine filters the noise out and provides actionable alerting that results in meaningful risk reduction.

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