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Monitor the Dark Web

the risk

The Dark Web Presents Significant Risks

The Dark Web is a vast and treacherous underground in which malicious actors buy and sell stolen credentials, account access, and hacking tools. Failing to monitor the dark web can be costly to organizations – by some estimates over 700 million dollars in illicit business was conducted in 2019 alone. 

Without an active dark-web monitoring program, it can be difficult or impossible to tell if your company has exposed credentials, financial information, or proprietary information for sale on the dark web. This can lead to preventable data breaches, ransomware attacks, and financial theft.

The ProbleM

The Dark Web Monetizes Stolen Data

Illicit Markets and underground forums facilitate the purchase of hacking tools and the monetization of stolen data.   

 Malicious actors come together on large-scale illicit markets, forums and chat rooms, to trade hacking tools and sell stolen data. Their actions generate billions of data points that provide us with actionable intelligence. Without the tools that  separate the signal from the noise, it is very difficult for your cyber security team to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape or mitigate cyber threats in a timely manner.

Flare's solution

Dark Web Risk Monitoring

Firework is an online platform that leverages the combined experience of our veteran industry team. It monitors the criminal underground and provides prioritized cyber threat intelligence in real-time. Firework’s innovative technology automatically collects and distills large amounts of data from every corner of the dark, deep and clear web. This enables your cyber security team to detect cyber threats, save mitigation time, and protect your data, financial resources and brand reputation.

Solution benefits

Dark Web Monitoring For Your Business

Switch to Proactive Cybersecurity

Most organizations today are reacting to attempted network intrusions and threats. Proactively identify threats and remediate risks before a data breach.

Prevent Targeted Attacks

Malicious actors often plan attacks on the dark web against specific organizations and individuals. Identify when your company’s name is mentioned to give you an early warning of a potential cyberattack.

cti platform

Actionable Alerts

Flare’s prioritization engine creates actionable alerts that enable you to filter through the noise and identify threats that pose a risk to your organization. 

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