Prevent Account Takeover


Malicious Actors Manipulate Leaked Credentials to Access Other Online Accounts

Malicious actors use leaked or purchased credentials to gain unauthorized access to online accounts through credential stuffing attacks. Once logged in, they can make  purchases, spend loyalty points and steal personal and financial information. Through stolen employee accounts, malicious actors may gain access to your corporate networks and resources.

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The solution

Identify Stolen Credentials before They Are Used for Account Takeover

Firework collects leaked credentials from the dark, deep and clear web. When a customer or employee logs in, the credentials are compared in real-time with those stored in Firework. If a match is found, the customer or employee account is protected by preventing further access.


Prevent Account Takeovers to Protect your Brand

Account takeovers result in financial losses and brand and reputation damage. Your customers will lose trust in the digital experience you aim to provide.

Why Choose Firework

Information Leakage Real-Time Collection

Real-time data collection

Firework collects leaked credentials from the dark, deep and clear web, ensuring they can’t be abused the minute they are discovered. 


Firework has the  most extensive coverage of Canadian leaked credentials. 

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Firework protects your company’s privacy by only sharing encrypted credentials.

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