Prevent Financial Fraud


Stolen Financial Information Is Used to Commit Fraud

Malicious actors use phishing, skimming and card-not-present fraud schemes to collect financial and personal information from individuals. This information is then sold on the criminal underground. A stolen identity can be used by multiple malicious actors to commit credit card fraud, to open new bank accounts and to apply for loans.

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The solution

A Directory of Financial Fraud Victims

Flare Systems has compiled a directory of financial fraud victims, based on leaks on the dark, deep and clear web, as well as on identities for sale on illicit markets. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is then enriched by the collaboration with a network of financial institutions. This enables our partners to check if their customers have been victims of fraud, while ensuring information privacy protection.


Prevent Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is one of the least reported crimes which results in a high dark figure that limits preventive measures.

Why Choose Firework

The Collaborative Fraud Prevention Platform

Collaborative platform

By working together in Flare Systems’ network, financial institutions gain access to previously unavailable data about fraud victims in Canada. 

data protection

Flare Systems’ technology protects victim information while enabling financial institutions to detect if their customers have been defrauded. 


Flare Systems respects all Canadian and international privacy regulations. 

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