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Prevent Targeted Cyberattacks

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Cyberattacks are Growing Exponentially

The rate of cyberattacks is growing exponentially. Companies are now more exposed than ever to a range of attacks including email phishing, account takeover, and ransomware. A successful cyberattack can cause enormous reputational, financial, and compliance damages. 

Malicious actors have increasingly focused on targeting small-mid-sized enterprises due to limited security budgets and bandwidth. And if successful, attackers could have access to sensitive IT infrastructure for months, or even years before it’s discovered.

Cyberattacks are increasing, many are successful, all are costly. Companies often fail to discover them for months. Against this backdrop companies are pouring millions of dollars into cybersecurity and compliance, and many are making gains. This does enable a reduction in risk and faster mean time to respond (MTTR) when a data breach does occur, however this is a reactive approach to cybersecurity rather than proactive. 

We the North - Dark Web Market

The ProbleM

Getting Visibility is Challenging

Getting visibility into forums, dark web marketplaces, and other areas that allow malicious actors to plan can be extremely challenging. There are tens-of-thousands of dark web pages, some of which last for only hours or days. Mirrored marketplaces and scams make navigating the dark web a labyrinthine challenge.

For these reasons, building a dark web threat intelligence function from scratch is expensive. Many organizations may perform one off monitoring for stolen credentials or targeted attacks, but lack the means to perform real time monitoring. These approaches can generate enormous amounts of noise, but very little clarity as to actual threats that might affect an organization.

Flare's solution

Proactively Detect Targeted Threats

Flare’s Firework enables you to leverage threat intelligence to switch from a reactive cybersecurity posture to a proactive cybersecurity posture. Firework actively and automatically scans for targeted attacks on the deep, dark, and clear web, and generates real time alerts if your company or assets are mentioned.

Firework creates and maintains a dynamic map of your digital footprint, and uses proprietary technology to cache the dark web, providing you with anonymity and allowing you to gather threat intel with far less risk than if you were actively monitoring the dark web yourself. 

Firework also provides your organization with an AI driven prioritization and scoring engine that enables analysts to dramatically cut down on time spent sifting through data, and focus on actionable intelligence

Solution benefits

Proactively Prevent Cyberattacks

Actionable intelligence

Real Time Actionable Alerting to Reduce Noise & Add  Clarity to your Cybersecurity Posture

Prevent breaches before they happen

Automatically Detect Targeted Cyberattacks to prevent data breaches & ransomware attacks before they happen

Firework cyber threat intelligence and digital risk protection platform
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Anonymously monitor the dark web in real time to identify when your organization is mentioned.

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