Webinar: Preventing Account Takeover in Ecommerce And Retail

Webinar - Preventing Account Takeover in Ecommerce And Retail

Preventing Account Takeover in Ecommerce And Retail

Webinar by David Hétu, Flare Systems and Pharid Jaffer

Digitalization, cloud based-services, and the rise of online marketplaces and services have increased the number of entry points for malicious actors who want to exploit sensitive data from retailers. External threat protection solutions help businesses understand the extent of their digital risk. By uncovering human errors and criminal networks operating in the dark, deep and clear web, Retailers and Loyalty Programs can equip themselves with the necessary intelligence to prevent harm before it occurs. 

This webinar will explore one of the most prevalent and easily exploitable threat vectors used by malicious actors: leaked credentials.

  • We will start by learning how malicious actors acquire credentials using phishing attacks and database leaks and assess their value.
  • This will lead into an exploration of real-world examples of malicious actors that target ecommerce and loyalty programs specifically. We will explore what malicious actors advertise for sale and report on an engagement with malicious actors to further understand how they are targeting ecommerce and loyalty programs.
  • We will discuss how retailers can protect their customers and their brand and reputation when using ecommerce and loyalty programs.
The main takeaway from this webinar is to equip your company with prevention strategies that reduce time to know of cyber security incidents and provide you with effective defense mechanisms against the constantly evolving external threats.

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Tuesday August 11 2020 | 10:30am Pacific – 1:30pm Eastern | Webinar by David Hétu & Pharid Jaffer

*Because of the sensitive nature of the investigation results that will be presented in the webinar, you need to register with your corporate email address. 

Webinar presented by cybersecurity experts

David Hétu Director of Research at Flare Systems

As Director of Research, David leads scientific research operations at Flare Systems. A PhD in criminology from the Université de Montréal, he focuses his research on illicit markets on the internet and the darknet. His findings, published in over 40 articles over the last 10 years, have provided insights into the structure and inner workings of the criminal underground.
pharid jaffer webinar

Pharid Jaffer Founder and Principal, PNJ Solutions

Pharid is a former CIO and now an independent consultant focused on providing thought leadership and technology advisory services to local and global organizations. He has held senior roles and worked in financial services, retail and technology organizations. He has advised and consulted on many topics ranging from FinTech/RetailTech to Digital Transformation/Disruption to Cyber-Resiliency. Pharid is graduate from the University of Waterloo and is based in Vancouver. He is active in the community from teaching at SFU to mentoring MBA students to sitting on various boards including not-for-profits.