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Reduce digital risk and fraud with a simple yet comprehensive platform that automates your dark, deep and clear web monitoring, providing you with real-time actionable intelligence.

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Proactive Detection and Prevention of External Threats

Flare Systems provides solutions to protect your sensitive data. Our AI-driven technology monitors the dark, deep and clear web as well as your digital footprint. It searches for data leaks, and delivers actionable intelligence. Our solutions:

What Is Different About Flare Systems?

To help financial institutions and businesses with their sensitive information, Flare Systems’ solutions were created with one goal in mind: to reduce noise when analyzing large quantities of data. Since 2017, Flare Systems has developed strong AI-driven technologies that automate fraud detection and prevention. Our solution offers an easy-to-use platform that gets you the right information before risks become unmanageable.



Transparent approach

Easy-to-use solution


The Digital Risk Protection platform that monitors your digital footprint & provides you with actionable intelligence

Firework constantly crawls the dark, deep and clear web. It stores, analyzes and structures the data it collects and provides you with actionable intelligence through its intuitive platform, as well as an API. Firework monitors illicit networks, leaked credentials and newly-registered domains to detect data breaches caused by human error or by malicious actors to prevent financial crime.

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Flare Systems Prevents Financial Crimes
for Companies With Sensitive Data




& Retail


Public Sector
& Regulators


& SaaS


Large Enterprises
& SMBs

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They Trust Us

“Firework enables us to react quickly when threats are publicized, protecting our brand and our financial resources.”

Principal Director, Security & Innovation at a MAJOR CANADIAN FINANCIAL INSTITUTION

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