• Smart darknet intelligence for teams

    We help financial institutions understand and prevent cyber attacks by alerting them when threats are identified to save money and protect their reputation.

Observe actors and prevent attacks

Active monitoring

Real-time automated alerts keep you up-to-date with potential threats. Focus on the risks, not on the noise.

Structured darknet data

Find what you need through millions of darknet documents. Search for specific items, from today or from the past.

Financial asset analysis and comparison

Access our tailored reports and gain insight on credit card theft and fraud.

Team collaboration

Work with your team on critical issues and keep track of the threats that have yet to be reviewed.

Personally identifiable information extraction

React quickly if compromising data on employees or clients are published on the darknet.

Risk level analysis

Quickly understand the risk of a threat through our custom-built algorithms designed to assess darknet threats.

User-friendly interface and API access

Access Flare Systems' data through Firework, our online easy-to-use interface, or connect directly to our backend from your own applications.

No stones left unturned

We collect what's important:

  • Discussion forums
  • Cryptomarkets
  • Stolen credit card resellers
  • Public chat rooms
  • Paste sites
  • Other platform types
Millions of documents are at your fingertips.

Easy onboarding and awesome support

Our team is fully transparent on our processes, tools and data coverage. The darknet might feel like an underground obscure place, but you'll discover it as a bright open space.

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