Monitor your digital footprint to reduce digital risk and fraud

We enable financial institutions to continuously monitor threats caused by human error and malicious actors to protect their data, financial resources, and reputation.

COVID-19 Support

Is your organization now working remote and you’re overwhelmed by the security challenges? We’re offering a two-month free data leak monitoring to give you a peace of mind. 


Digital Risk

Identify digital assets made publicly available due to human error or malicious actors ​to minimize business risks and prevent breaches.

Threat Intelligence

Receive prioritized intelligence from illicit networks to get greater insight into threat credibility and mitigation effectiveness.

Fraud prevention

Identify and block high-risk transactions based on identity theft data originating from your peers and from the criminal underground to improve fraud prevention.

Leaked Credentials

Monitor third-party breaches for employee and client credentials to prevent unauthorized access to your ressources and protect your assets.


Continuously and automatically monitor illicit networks on the darknet and clear web for faster reaction times, higher productivity and better understanding.



Be confident that you know what is happening at all time


Understand the most likely and
most damaging threats

Easy To Use

No training required thanks to our user-friendly interface



Firework enables us to react quickly when threats are publicized, protecting our brand and our financial resources.

Principal Director,
Security & Innovation

Major canadian financial institution


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