Let’s prevent financial crime together

We are Flare Systems

We are a team of mission-driven people who want to enable companies to protect themselves against cyber crimes and we’re damn passionate about it. We thrive on trust, operate with integrity and above all support our people so they can do their best work and be their best selves. We constantly build and break things – change is the only constant. 

If you continuously challenge yourself to learn and grow, are driven by the impact your work has, and are as equally mission driven as we are, check us out!

About us

We build products that enable companies to prevent financial crimes, protect private information of their customers and prevent damage to reputation. We make our customers safe against cybercriminals and malicious actors. To stay ahead of the threats, we are always building and breaking things. What remains constant is our support and dedication to see you succeed in every challenge you take on.

Journey over resume

As individuals and as a company we believe in always learning and growing. We believe that we learn by doing things, iterating and striving for excellence. We look for talent and potential more than qualifications and degrees.

Growth mindset

We love learning new things and from each other and we leverage diverse perspectives in everything we build and do. We believe ambition and drive helps us get over hurdles and our passion for cybersecurity guides us on our journey.

Passion for learning

Cybersecurity, professional development, personal growth, self learning, problem solving and entrepreneurship.

Alexandre Viau – Lead developer

I’m supported in developing the broad skill set that is needed to build complex applications.

Everyday, I am empowered to take on new challenges, learn, grow and make an impact.

Aamna Zia – Head of Growth

Let’s prevent financial crime together

Jobs at Flare Systems

Engineering Team

Software Developer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Software Engineer Intern

Montreal, Quebec, Canada