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Firework identifies your company’s digital assets made publicly available due to human error or malicious attacks. Firework continuously monitors your digital footprint and provides prioritized alerts to help protect your company’s sensitive data and financial resources.

cyber security platform

How It Works

Firework leverages  a meticulously developed scientific methodology combined with an AI-driven data collection system that works in 4 simple steps:



Our crawlers browse the dark, deep and clear web to monitor the criminal underground, spying on malicious actors and storing copies of their communication and activity on our servers.



The collected data is analyzed and structured. We identify your company’s digital assets leaked online by  human errors or malicious attacks. Detected threats are then scored based on their level of potential risk.



We alert you in real-time. Our robust and easy to install alert system is based on identifiers such as  keywords, patterns, and domain names you want to monitor.



The AI-gathered intelligence that we provide to cyber threat intelligence, fraud and compliance teams allows them to take action.  With Flare Systems, your team can quickly understand the most critical threats to your security and resolve any vulnerabilities a malicious actor may be exploiting.


Connect Firework to your SIEM, TIP or SOAR using our powerful REST APIs

The Benefits of Firework

Easy-to-use platform

Firework’s UX and alert system make it easy to use, saving your team precious time.


Firework is actively collecting data from illicit platforms malicious actors use and provides your team with real-time alerts and intelligence reports.


We prioritize monitoring sources that you need to monitor.



Our AI-driven system provides your security team with sophisticated analyses to prioritize threats and take action to protect your company’s brand and sensitive data.

Structured Data

Over 10 years of cybercrime research experience contributed to the machine learning and artificial intelligence technology behind Firework. The product collects thousands of data points and structures them into  an easy-to-use, searchable platform that reduces noise and false positives.

Our system maps your company’s digital footprint to automatically evaluate and score the level of risk. Our additional insights on malicious actors and their tactics will help your team with mitigation strategy.



Our system identifies key sources and collects information when there is a potential risk for our customers. We regularly monitor these active platforms and store in our database the sensitive information leaked online. We then make the data available for  our customers.

Industry Reporting

Firework provides you with industry reports to ensure you’re up-to-date  on trends in the dynamic threat landscape. Stay informed on attacks targeting your peers, on which industries are at risk, and what are the latest techniques among malicious actors.

cyber security platform

What Can Firework Do for You

They Trust Us

“Firework enables us to react quickly when threats are publicized, protecting our brand and our financial resources.”

Principal Director, Security & Innovation at a MAJOR CANADIAN FINANCIAL INSTITUTION

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