FireworkTM identifies threats and digital assets that are made publicly available due to human error or malicious actors.  

Minimize risk

Monitor your footprint on the darknet and clear web through an AI-driven intelligence platform that helps you quickly understand the most critical threats and resolve any vulnerabilities a malicious actor may be exploiting.

Prevent account takeovers

Receive alerts in real-time on leaked credentials to prevent account takeover for your employees and customers.

Prevent phishing attacks

Monitor domain and certificate registrations to proactively prevent phishing attacks.

Reduce response time

Early notifications from a wide array of sources, from dark web markets to public code repositories, reduce response time from weeks to days.

Alerts and searches

Receive precise alerts tailored to your company or explore years of historical data through a powerful search engine.

Team collaboration

Effortlessly identify the biggest risks and easily share and report threats to other teams.​


Connect Firework to your SIEM, threat intelligence platform or other using our powerful APIs.

Ease of use

Quickly understand all critical information you need thanks to our combined intuitive interface and powerful software.

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