Darknet Threat Intelligence


Full dark web search

Use Firework to browse the dark web as if it were a single website. Gather intelligence by looking through listings, forum posts and other documents. All from a single platform. Flare Systems' databases keep all the history of crawled websites. You therefore have the possibility to go back in time and understand what intelligence was available at that moment in time.

Risk analysis

Quickly understand the risk of a threat through our custom-built algorithms designed to assess darknet threats. Each activity and event occurring on the darknet is automatically evaluated by our system and estimates the actual risk to your own assets. Most importantly, alerts are sent when high-risk elements are found and all the details and related events can be explored through Firework.

Active monitoring

Our online dashboard can easily be used to create alerts based on keywords, regular expressions or events (like a sudden peak in the use of a term in online forums). Alerts can be configured for every hit or at regular intervals. No technical or programming skills required. For instance, using active monitoring, clients can know in real-time when their infrastructure has been attacked, when their name is mentioned online or when a target is detected. This gives the opportunity for a quicker reaction time and a more proactive stance on cyber threat intelligence.

Team collaboration

Firework gives you the tools you need to work as a team on problems and intelligence. Share darknet activities with colleagues, leave notes and comments on events and keep track of what intel has yet to be processed.

Performant back end

Our custom-built web crawlers are constantly monitoring the darknet and the regular internet for new content to download (web pages, listings, forum posts, images, scripts, PDF and Office documents, etc).

Intelligence report

The wealth of information that Flare Systems collects provides in-depth knowledge of the activity of individuals active on the darknet, and (to a lesser extent) on the regular internet. Every quarter, Flare Systems therefore produces intelligence reports on a number of activity sectors that detail the latest trends, the geographical location of actors involved in this sector and the evolution of the sector.

White paper

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