Securing Your Organization’s Digital Footprint in 2022 and Beyond


Securing Your Organization’s Digital Footprint in 2022 and Beyond

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In the modern age of online connections, organizations rely heavily on digital channels to share, store and communicate information internally and externally. In addition, increasing access points to the internet and reliance on the cloud for business operations have resulted in an exponential increase in organizations’ digital footprint. 

A worldwide pandemic, a fully remote or hybrid workforce, the rapid acceleration of digital transformation, and the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks have continued to threaten corporate security landscapes globally. 

Navigating ever-evolving cyber risk has become more complex and costly than ever. Without proper processes in place, it is difficult for organizations to identify and fix vulnerabilities, which can have devastating impacts on a business and its clients.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about cyber risk remediation and trends, including:

  • How to identify and understand your organization’s digital footprint
  • The main types of cyber risks organizations face
  • How a proactive cyber risk remediation process can improve threat detection 
  • Use cases illustrating internal security process improvements, including operational and cost efficiencies
  • The future of threat remediation in 2022 and beyond