Fireside Chat Replay:

The Role of the Dark Web in The Canadian Threat Landscape

With new threats raised by COVID-19, hybrid work, and the increased ransomware attacks we are seeing across the world, the threat landscape for companies today is ever-changing. In this Fireside Chat, Flare CEO Mathieu Lavoie is joined by David Hétu, Research Partner, and Alexandre Blanc, vCISO at VARS Corporation. They discuss the role of the dark web in the threat landscape that Canadian companies are facing today.

Some of the questions they addressed were:

  1. Should the dark web be at the center of your cyber threat monitoring process?
  2. What is the proportion of today’s incoming threats coming from the dark web versus clear web?
  3. How can you be successful in transforming data collected from dark web sources into actionable intelligence?
  4. Where should social media sit in your monitoring strategy?
  5. What are the main attack vectors in modern ransomware attacks and how to protect against them?