Discover how Firework can protect your brand during our quick demo tour

cyber security platform

Experience Firework firsthand to understand how it combines cyber threat intelligence with digital risk protection to help you protect your brand. 

Flare Systems’ Firework is an intelligent, user-friendly solution capable of contextualizing, prioritizing, and remediating digital risks. No additional integration or training is required.
DRP starts with transparent and quantifiable digital risk monitoring of your company’s digital footprint.  An Account Manager will contact you for more information about your company, will search Firework for potentially leaked data, and give you a personalized tour on how to best use it.

See how Firework can help you: 

  • Contextualize digital risks based on malicious actor profiles, threat profiles & risk-based automated labelling
  • Automatically flag potentially defrauded accounts
  • Remediate digital risks
  • Take down illicit online content
  • Correlate activity across platforms
  • Get a holistic view of the threat landscape through enhanced coverage

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