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Bsides Montreal 2021

Bsides 2021 – Flare booth and conference

Meet Flare September 25th, 2021 during the first edition of Bsides Montreal and don’t miss the conference of Olivier Michaud, AI expert at Flare, about ”Automatic Extraction of content from criminal underground forums.”​ … Read More

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Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat Video: The Role of the Dark Web in The Threat Landscape

Fireside Chat Replay: The Role of the Dark Web in The Canadian Threat Landscape With new threats raised by COVID-19, hybrid work, and the increased ransomware attacks we are seeing across the world, the threat landscape for companies today is ever-changing. In this Fireside Chat, Flare CEO Mathieu Lavoie is joined by David Hétu, Research Partner, and Alexandre Blanc, vCISO at VARS Corporation. They discuss the role of the dark web in the threat landscape that Canadian companies are facing

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fireside chat video kevin magee mathieu chouinard david hetu on ransomware

Fireside Chat Video – Ransomware

Fireside Chat – Risks & Solutions of Ransomware David Décary-Hétu, Chief Research Officer at Flare Systems, was joined by: Kevin Magee, Chief Security Officer at Microsoft Canada and Matthieu Chouinard, Founder of In Fidem and Head of Big Data & Cybersecurity Atos Canada, for a recent fireside chat discussing the risks and solutions of ransomware. 

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webinar threat intelligence

How do you transform collected data into intelligence? Webinar by Flare Systems and In Fidem

How do you transform collected data into intelligence? Matthieu Chouinard, Founder of In Fidem and Head of Big Data & Cybersecurity Atos Canada, and David Hétu, Chief Research Officer at Flare Systems invite you to discover why and how to monitor your sensitive data on the dark web. During this workshop, you will discover: The potential of the Firework platform in terms of surveillance and detection; How artificial intelligence collected data makes it possible to quickly take the necessary actions

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digital risk protection

Webinar Replay: Who is Digital Risk Protection For?

Who Is Digital Risk Protection for? David Hétu, Chief Research Officer at Flare Systems, defined what Digital Risk Protection is and who needs it most. Who is Digital Risk Protection for? The short answer is everyone who stores personal and financial information as well as develops intellectual property. The long answer is that malicious actors are opportunistic in nature. This means that companies with a security maturity level that is more limited will likely be tested by malicious actors, even if they

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state of the cryptomarkets

Webinar Replay: State of the Cryptomarkets

Winners and Losers From the Shut Down of Empire Market David Hétu, Chief Research Office at Flare Systems investigated and presented the state of the cryptomarkets since one of the biggest illicit market shut down, Empire Market. Replay the webinar to learn more about the underground economy. Watch the Replay Video Now! Empire Market was launched in January 2018 and quickly became the most popular dark web illicit market with a reported membership of over 1 million. In late August 2020, the

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hope 2020 flare systems

HOPE Conference 2020 VIDEO: Pricing and Mapping the Underground

Pricing and Mapping the Underground: HOPE 2020 Flare Systems’s David Hétu had the pleasure of speaking at H.O.P.E. (Hackers On Planet Earth) on July 31st this year on pricing and mapping the cybercrime underground.  Watch the On-Demand Recording Now! are known as the script kiddie forum of hacking where most up and coming hackers drift to. Past investigations have shown, however, that many established hackers are still very much active on the platform and use it to transact illicit goods and

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