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Identify Leaked Credentials

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Leaked Credentials Cause Risk

Leaked credentials can pose an enormous risk to organizations. Over 163 million records were leaked in 540 security events in 2020 alone. A leaked account can be used to compromise financial records, health records, customer data, employee data and other sensitive information that could leave you at risk of reputational and financial damage.

There are two major causes behind data leaks involving your company’s processes and plans, as well as employee and customer personal and financial information. 

First, malicious actors are actively stealing this data to resell it for profit on illicit markets. Second, the data can be leaked following human errors by employees and partners. The remote workforce has increased the use of cloud-based collaborative tools that employees use to create accounts and store data without your knowledge. Data access rights are usually not managed by security teams which may lead to leaks

The ProbleM

Attackers Can Compromise Your Accounts

Most company’s today aren’t actively scanning for leaked credentials. Many organizations assume that they are too small to attack, or otherwise that they don’t have the resources to actively identify potential stolen credentials for sale on the dark web and other forums. 

Attackers can use leaked credentials in a variety of ways. First, and most obviously, they can attempt to compromise the account that the credentials leaked from. However, even if the password has already been changed after the theft, employees often reuse passwords across numerous web applications with minor variations. This can make it easy for attackers to compromise accounts with brute force and similar attacks using variations of the stolen password. 

Attackers can also easily repurpose the leaked credentials to attempt to log into other services such as AWS, Azure, Office365, Gmail and other cloud applications. 65% of people admit to reusing the same password across multiple online accounts. Attackers can leverage credentials from one application to compromise additional ones. Proactively identifying stolen account credentials is critical to maintaining a proactive cybersecurity posture.

Flare's solution

Flare Identifies Your Leaked
Sensitive Data that Is Most at Risk

Flare enables you to automatically scan the dark, deep, and clearweb for leaked or stolen account credentials. This approach enables you to proactively identify stolen account credentials and prevent data breaches before malicious actors utilize them. This can also enable you to find out if employees are using their corporate email accounts on external sites that could result in corporate account compromise. 

Solution benefits

Credential Monitoring For Your Business

Enable Your Analysts to Hunt Threats Without the Time Investment

Flare makes it easy for your analysts to proactively identify leaked credentials and remediate threats

Prioritize Real Business Risk

Flare’s AI-driven prioritization engine makes it easy to focus on the biggest risks to your business

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Understand Your Risk Profile

Get visibility and understand external threats to your organization

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