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Prevent Account Takeover

the risk

Account Takeover Attacks are on the Risk

Account takeovers are unbelievably common. 60% of account takeover victims reuse passwords across multiple accounts providing attackers many opportunities to compromise different services. Even if one of your customers personal accounts is compromised, they may reuse the same password on business accounts which could be put up for sale on the dark web.

Furthermore, account takeover attacks can be some of the most damaging. In many cases it can take an organization weeks or even months to identify a compromised account, by which time data may have been exfiltrated, ransomware distributed, or other malicious actions taken.

There are two major causes behind data leaks involving your company’s processes and plans, as well as employee and customer personal and financial information. 

First, malicious actors are actively stealing this data to resell it for profit on illicit markets. Second, the data can be leaked following human errors by employees and partners. The remote workforce has increased the use of cloud-based collaborative tools that employees use to create accounts and store data without your knowledge. Data access rights are usually not managed by security teams which may lead to leaks

The ProbleM

Preventing Account Takeover

Preventing account takeover attacks can be difficult. Despite many companies implementing more and more strict password policies, customers’ accounts are often hacked. Even if your customers have top-tier cybersecurity programs and 24/7 monitoring, an unauthorized user with the right credentials can still cause a data breach or ransomware attack.


Flare's solution

Identify Stolen Credentials Before They Are Used for Account Takeover

Identify Stolen Credentials Before They Are Used for Account Takeover.               

Firework collects leaked credentials from the dark, deep and clear web. When a customer creates an account or resets his password, his new credentials are compared in real-time with those stored in Flare. If a match is found, the customer is notified that the credentials are not secure and that he should use a different password.

Solution benefits

Prevent Stolen Credential Attacks

Stay Ahead of Attackers

Proactively identify stolen account credentials to prevent ransomware attacks & data breaches

Understand Your Security Posture

Get visibility into your external security posture, and where your data is being sold on the dark web

Prevent financial fraud

Proactively identify stolen customer credentials & information. Reduce the burden on support for helping victims of identity theft.

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